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Elana Lisa                                                                                                      Rod Hyner



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About the Book:

Peter the Skeeter is a book about growing up, survival, gaining independence, family support, developing relationships and courage from a young mosquito's perspective.  Peter, a young mosquito who is from a rural town in Virginia, gets stuck in a car heading to New York City.  When he reaches the City he meets many new friends and a few not-so-friendly characters but has to figure out how he is going to survive and return home to his family.  Two of Peter's brothers and their father go after him, which is an adventure in itself.  They meet up in New York and devise a plan, along with the help of some new mosquito friends, to get back home to Virginia.



Elana Lisa and Rod Hyner (Authors), Daniel Johnson (Illustrator), Cary Liberman (Front Cover Illustrator), Ron Donaghe (Editor)


FICTION > Action & Adventure

JUVENILE FICTION > Readers > Chapter Books

This is delightfully conceived and executed story. We get rich detail, lots of action, and several subplots developing nicely.

Just about every one of the characters is developed nicely, with their own personalities, quirks, and ways of doing things.

The tone of this story is told in a grand adventure style, even if it does involve the grand adventure of a mosquito. We get delightful moments throughout the story and as the story develops. I’m sure that children reading this will immediately identify with Peter and his family as tragedy strikes and Peter gets separated from his family. We get great imagery, not only of the world as seen from a mosquito’s perspective but also of the world in this story, in general.

                         ~Ron Donaghe (Editor)