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Elana Lisa & The Hot Mess

A female fronted, eclectic band playing music from many different genres including but not limited to Swing, Jazz, & Blues.        

4 part harmonies and quirky interpretation of songs makes their sound unique.

Elana Lisa & The Hot Mess have played venues such as:

Broad Appetit Festival

The Tin Pan

Rassawek Spring Jubilee 

Capital Ale House

Legend Brewery

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and more.

They have opened for The Squirrel Nut Zippers, Davina & The Vagabonds and The Night Hawks

Visit them on the web at: https://www.elanalisa.com/elhm

Elana Lisa & The Hot Mess Promo Video

Weeping Molly

Weeping Molly is a female fronted, four piece rock band based out of Richmond, Virginia that plays a mix of cover songs and originals.

Weeping Molly is a high energy band with charisma and character. They cover songs from many different genres including Hard Rock, Blues, Country, RnB and more.

Visit them on the web at https://www.elanalisa.com/weeping-molly



True Tonic is a band comprised of melodic and soulful vocals, harmonies, rhythmic guitar and unique percussive drums.

Elana Lisa and Rod Hyner melded their experience, interests and abilities to form True Tonic.  They play a mix of originals and cover songs that highlight their individual talents.  


True Tonic brings to the stage a show that is fun, entertaining and full of talent.  They play many different genres of music that make up the True Tonic sound.


Rod and Elana love the opportunity to play music with other musicians, so many times they will have guests sitting in on various shows.


Visit them on the web at: https://www.elanalisa.com/truetonic

Elana Lisa


Elana Lisa is a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist.  She has been performing in bands for over 25 years.  She sings a wide range of genres from Jazz to Hard Rock.  

She fronted the Blues/Rock band SteppinStone for 9 years and the Hard Rock band Weeping Molly for 5 years.  She has also performed with the Motown/Soul band, King Edward & The BD's and her first Jazz band, The Elana Hyner Trio.

She has shared the stage with some of Richmond's finest musicians.


Currently, she performs in the band Elana Lisa & The Hot Mess and also performs as a solo/duo artist playing acoustic music with a percussionist and the occasional lead guitarist.  


In her solo/duo project, she plays a mix of original music and cover songs.  Covering such artists as Natalie Merchant, Amy Winehouse, Johnny Cash, Bill Withers, Ben Harper, Dispatch, Iron and Wine, The Decemberists and more.  


Visit her on the web at:  elanalisa.com

Brittany O'Neill

Brittany O'Neill is an ambitious, young talented Singer/Songwriter and Actress


Brittany sings a wide variety of genres, from Motown and Soul to Folk and Alternative. She works as a studio session vocalist with and for other artists, and is currently performing with the wedding band, The Bachelor Boys and the band A Good Buzz.  


Although Brittany loves playing music, she has had a deep passion for Acting and being on film. She received a certificate in Acting for Film from the New York Film Academy in 2013.


Visit her on the web at: brittanyoneill.com




Watch Brittany's Actor's Reel

The Syndicators

The Syndicators are a group of Richmond area musicians with backgrounds in successful local bands. They bring edgy and dangerous interpretations of popular blues songs and showcase deep cuts from some of your favorite classic albums. Drawing on the musical skills of Mark Saurs, Joe Mitchell and Rod Hyner, you will want to be part of the next Syndicators show.

Visit them on Facebook at: