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Elana Lisa                                                                                                      Rod Hyner



Phone 804-938-6375

Email  perfectpitchrva@gmail.com


About Perfect Pitch Productions

Run by musicians who support the arts.  


From booking bands to event planning to website development.


 We have put together productions such as, Open Mic for a Cause which raised money for different local charities through open mic nights (music and/or comedy), Beyond the Music which is a musician showcase at the Tobacco Company and Live Radio Shows (Raised on Radio at the National and River City Radio Players show: "My Favorite Husband, The Wills" at the Firehouse Theater).  


We have organized benefits to help raise money for people in need such as, The Benefit for Tsunami Victims of 2004 in Thailand at the Canal Club and The Variety Show for Anne Hart Chay.


We help book local artists and help support local art galleries by planning music for their events.